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26 August 2008 @ 03:12 pm
Title: Into the dark
Author: Paranormal_jess
Characters: Cuddy/Stacy
Rating: PG-13, for now ;)
Word Count:
Disclaimer: I do not own House MD. Nor do I own the characters.

Into the Dark...

Stacy sat silently at her desk, looking over a proposal Lisa had sent to her a few days ago. It was well written, but a few things the lawyers could use against her, so she quickly changed them into her own words. By the time she was actually finished reading and writing, it was twelve midnight. "Gosh..." she mumbled, shutting down her computer and rubbing her eyes. She silently stood up and
stretched, before leaving her office. As she left, she saw a somewhat slouched over figure at her bosses desk. She slowly made her way over, knocking softly before entering the woman's domain.

"Huh, what?" Lisa grunted, her head popping up as she wiped a bit of drool from the side of her mouth. Stacy held in a laugh, before biting down on her lip. "Nothing, I just wannta say goodnight." Stacy said, her smile growing. Lisa nodded, rubbing her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I'm going to head home also. I guess I dozed off while writing." she smiled softly and yawned, standing up. The two left Lisa's office, side by side.

Stacy looked over at Lisa, her hair outlined by the bright lights of the hospital. Beautiful. Ever since she had first gotten a job in Princeton, she'd always been somewhat attracted to her boss. Though she tried hard to not show it, a small part of her wanted to know what it would be like to touch her boss's lips with her own. Every time she actually though about it, she's shake away the though and shiver. She liked men, she would remind herself. Though sometimes, she wasn't to sure.

"Lisa..." Stacy muttered, making her boss's head turn softly. "Yeah Stace?" she asked, brushing her brown bangs out of her face. "Do you find me...attractive?" she asked, softly trying to edge into what her boss though of her. Lisa swallowed comfortably, biting on her bottom lip as she opened the door to the hospital. "Well..." she mumbled, scratching her chest. "I think you're sexy and
intelligent. You have one hell of a body..." Lisa said, eying Stacy. Lisa loved House, but something made her want to strip Stacy of her clothes and fuck her senseless. Though she would never admit it. It made her feel weird, having sexual tension with a woman. "Really?" Stacy said, looking down at her clothes. A white blouse, black woman suit jacket, black suit pants. Like always. Stacy sighed deeply as she reached her car. Lisa watched the woman as she unlocked the door. The way Stacy took control of everything turned her on, and it killed her inside that she actually was turned on by her. Stacy turned to face Lisa, smiling weakly. "Well, goodnight." she said softly. Lisa nodded, saying goodnight before walking away. Stacy watched Lisa's ass swing hungrily, licking her lips as a naughty though ran through her head. Lisa looked back at Stacy, seeing her quickly get into the car, trying to hide what she was doing. And with a sly smile, she swung her hips dramically. Stacy felt the same way. And with that, Lisa walked to her car, fading away into the dark.