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13 July 2009 @ 08:16 pm
Fic: Five times Lisa Cuddy slept with her employees, and one she didn't  
Title: Five times Lisa Cuddy slept with her employees, and one she didn't
Author: silvia_duchessa
Characters/pairings: Stacy/Cuddy, Cuddy/Chase, Cuddy/Amber, Cuddy/Cameron, Cuddy/13, House/Cuddy
Rating: NC17

Cuddy didn’t have affairs. She barely had the time or energy to devote to proper relationships, in which she could hopefully find someone to spend her life with, to father her child.

Stacy was none of those things.

“You sure no one’s using the MRI room anytime soon?” asked Stacy briefly as she shoved Cuddy up against the clean, clinical machine, attacking her lips with her own. The uptight, hard as nails Dean of Medicine mumbled in response as her latest employee slid a slender hand under her dark blouse to cup the firm breasts filling it. Cuddy briefly wondered, as she often did in moments like these before Stacy’s nimble fingers swept away any concerns she had and drove her to a place of absolute ecstasy, what would happen if one of her other employees found them both here, half-undressed, hands in hair and under shirts and down waistbands.

“God Stacy,” she moaned, as Stacy’s other hand slid down, under her skirt and dark thong, curving inside Cuddy until she found that sensitive spot she now knew so well. Cuddy threw her head forward onto Stacy’s shoulder; arms gripping her in desperation as Stacy thrust her fingers determinedly, pushing her further against the machine.

It was just supposed to be a one off, the first time; just sympathy sex with a friend, whom she admittedly found very attractive, but that was it. Even after the teasing looks and warm hands that somehow seemed to find contact with her body far more than before, she hadn’t expected anything to happen; but then one evening when Stacy was particularly frustrated with men, and Cuddy was especially emotional after seeing her handyman lose his livelihood, Stacy pressed her lips gently against her friend’s, ran an experienced hand through her hair, and that was it. Cuddy was intoxicated, unable to give up the feeling of having that woman’s mouth on hers, fingers inside of her, at increasingly inappropriate times and places.

“I know how you feel about me,” whispered Stacy daringly in Cuddy’s ear, and she was lost, her muscles convulsing around Stacy’s curled fingers, screams muffled by her lovers’ suit jacket.

Some minutes later, when their breathing had slowed, Stacy pulled her hand out from under Cuddy’s skirt and brought it gently up to the side of face, kissing her slowly, almost tenderly. Cuddy smiled into her lips, awkwardly re-buttoning her blouse. Stacy gave her one last kiss before pulling away, and leading her back to the door of the MRI room. She poked her head round, looking up and down the corridor, then turned back to Cuddy and whispered, “Coast is clear.” Cuddy gave a low laugh, allowing herself to be pulled through the doorway.

“I’ll see you tonight?” Stacy said teasingly as she pulled Cuddy towards her, pressing her lips against hers. Then she stepped back at the sound of footsteps down the corridor, smiling mischievously at Cuddy before she turned on her heel and sauntered away.


“So, why are you really taking me out to dinner, Dr. Chase?” asked Cuddy slyly, taking a sip of blood red wine with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“I told you, it’s your birthday. I wanted you to make sure you had a good time,” Chase said with a smile, but the seductive undertone in his voice gave him away.

Several hours later Chase rolled her roughly across his bed onto her back, looming over her as he kissed her breathlessly. Cuddy letting out a low laugh as his lips slid down her neck, his head coming between her breasts. She didn’t usually allow whiny ass-kissers to stoop so slow as this with her, even ones as pretty as Chase; but it was her birthday, and as Chase’s teeth tucked at a rosy nipple, one hand snaking down between her legs, she decided she’d let herself off the hook just this once.


“If there’s anything else I can do to help you Dr. Cuddy,” said Amber Volakis, hands and lips pressed together in a false expression of eagerness. Cuddy merely raised an eyebrow, not at the young woman’s ass kissing – she’d seen that too many times before – but at the vaguely seductive look in her eyes, the innocent tone in her voice. Cuddy noticed just how sharply blue those eyes were; just how rosy red the shade of her gently puckered lips was.

Not too long later, gasped, sporadic breaths were being issued from those lips, eyelids flickering shut over blue orbs as Cuddy’s fingers danced across Amber’s creamy body, her own full lips sucking and her teeth tugging. Her pink, pink tongue delved inside Amber and the desperate woman screamed.

When Cuddy laid her head on the panting woman, breathing heavily with a mischievous glint in her eyes and a wicked, smug grin, Amber grinned too, and a moment later Cuddy was on her back and Amber’s lips and fingers and tongue were everywhere at once, and Cuddy was desperate now.


“I didn’t do anything House wouldn’t have done!” shouted Cameron furiously in Cuddy’s office. It was very late, she was very tired, but that was barely the reason for her anger.

“You are not House Dr. Cameron!” replied Cuddy bitingly, patronisingly. Cameron’s jaw hardened, recognising defeat in Cuddy’s firm tone which she’d heard so often with House. She turned and stormed furiously out of Cuddy’s office, and Cuddy remembered how sexy she was when she got riled up.

Cuddy wasn’t surprised to see Cameron appear in her office again thirty minutes later, apparently calmer, but fury simmering under the surface. “I am your boss, Dr Cameron,” Cuddy said before Cameron could open her mouth. She moved forward round the desk. “You need to learn to accept that and work with me if you want to get ahead in your career,” she continued, as she closed the blinds and locked her office door.

“Why’re you…?” began Cameron, turning round, but was stopped as Cuddy moved slowly towards her, her eyes darkly seductive.

“I know my decision isn’t the only reason you’re so angry, Dr. Cameron,” Cuddy said in a low voice, and her heart quickened slightly at the flush that spread over Cameron’s face and down her neck, down…

“Is that why you refused?” Cameron asked quietly, a curious, intrigued look in her eyes. “To get me so angry that I’d snap and you’d see just how far your control over me goes?” Cuddy let out a low chuckle.

“You’re very sexy when you’re angry,” Cuddy whispered in Cameron’s ear, letting a long hand travel slowly up the woman’s side, feeling her shiver. Then all gentleness was lost as Cuddy pushed Cameron back forcibly against her desk, muffling her cry with a demanding, lustful kiss. Cuddy’s hands slid underneath Cameron’s scrubs top, and another cry turned into a moan as her nimble fingers twisted Cameron’s nipples.

“I’m not…” Cameron gasped, as Cuddy’s mouth broke free from hers to tug the top over her head. Cuddy pressed her hips against Cameron’s in response, and both women moaned, Cuddy using her moment of control to pull the top over Cameron’s head and chuck it to the side. Before Cameron could say or do anything more, Cuddy’s hands were on her breasts, her mouth sucking and nipping and tugging and Cameron finally gave in, running a hand through Cuddy’s hair, pulling her down closer, whilst the other snaked underneath her waistband and pressed hard.

“Oohhh,” gasped Cuddy, her mouth stopping work momentarily as she let out a low moan. Cameron forced Cuddy’s underwear down her legs, and moments later Cameron’s trousers and panties lay beside them on the floor. Cuddy pushed her further onto the table as she climbed on top of her, skirt riding up over her legs as her hips pushed against Cameron’s. A hand slid between them, sliding into Cameron who groaned in ecstasy, both women’s breathing short and laboured as Cuddy rocked her hips against her.

“You think we’ve learned to work together?”


“Did you know Thirteen’s bisexual?” Wilson asked Cuddy conversationally as they ate their lunch.

“Mmhmm,” mumbled Cuddy, taking another sip of coffee.

Cuddy had known from the start. From the first time Thirteen had been called to her office for a reprimand and her eyes had held Cuddy’s a little too long.

“You think this crosses the employer/employee relationship Dr. Cuddy?” Thirteen whispered as her nimble fingers worked at Cuddy’s blouse buttons, pushing her towards the exam bed. Cuddy gave a low chuckle, pulling Thirteen’s mouth to her own. Tongues attacked tongues, less fighting for dominance, more out of an insatiable lust for each other. Cuddy’s shirt finally came loose, and Thirteen tugged it off her, groaning slightly at the sight of Cuddy’s full breasts almost bursting out of her bra.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” Thirteen whispered, and Cuddy smirked, twisting them round and pushing Thirteen down onto the bed.

“Maybe about as long as I’ve wanted to do this,” she replied, climbing on top of her and smiling at Thirteen’s intrigue before their mouths crashed together and Cuddy’s hand slid lower, lower, until she was pulling Thirteen’s trousers and panties down and sliding a long finger inside her. Thirteen let out a low, guttural groan, and Cuddy chuckled again. “That’s the sound I wanted to hear.”

Thirteen was breathless as Cuddy slid down her body, looking so absolutely fuckable with her breasts heaving and her skirt riding up past her thighs as she straddled Thirteen’s legs.

“Oh God,” she moaned, as Cuddy’s lips began kissing the bare skin beneath her shirt, making their way down torturously slowly. “Mmmm,” hummed Thirteen, almost vibrating with need under Cuddy’s touch as her mouth slid between Thirteen’s legs. Her tongue darted out making Thirteen scream, her hips arching off the bed. “Oh God Lisa more,” she gasped.

Yes, Cuddy knew Thirteen was bisexual.


Cuddy wondered sometimes if her relationship with House had actually gone beyond sex. That they’d spent so much time flirting and arguing and teasing and dancing round each other but never actually acting, that now it was too forbidden, too untouchable to ever happen.

This thought occurred to her again when she was in the middle of a heated argument with House over god knows what; she was winning, of course, shouting him down but he shouted back too, leaning forward so suddenly they were only inches apart and Cuddy’s mouth was far too close to his. She didn’t reply, and he didn’t continue; her eyes travelled slowly upwards from his slightly parted lips to his nervous, doubtful, confused gaze, and something in her heart leapt a little as she saw something in his eyes that went slightly deeper than desire, a little further than apprehension.

He wanted her; not just her body but her, and he wanted to know if she wanted him too.

Cuddy’s eyes widened as she stared hopefully, sadly up at him, and wondered what would happen if she brushed her lips against his.

Then House glanced away, fear overpowering him, and the moment was broken. They both moved back slightly, and Cuddy turned away to walk round to her desk, wondering if House wanted to walk over and grab her and kiss her as much as she wanted him to.

“Go and find some more evidence, House,” she said firmly, but he was already walking out the door.
special tramp dana scully: MRI sex (glicine-33)sadpie on July 18th, 2009 12:16 am (UTC)
That was so great. I loved all of it, especially the House scenario. My favorite line was That they’d spent so much time flirting and arguing and teasing and dancing round each other but never actually acting, that now it was too forbidden, too untouchable to ever happen. Incredible! ♥ Adding to memories!

Hee, I have no idea why this doesn't have more comments!
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